New Inventory, Vintage/Modern Custom Pillows, And Upcoming Sidewalk Sale!

“I can claim to have made the daily life of the 20th Century more beautiful.”
—Raymond Loewy

Special Preview – Raymond Loewy Furniture

We have a number of rare and collectible pieces by iconic American designer Raymond Loewy coming into inventory at Acme.  This collection includes two dressers, a drop-front desk, and a telephone bench, in very good vintage condition.

The drop-front desk epitomizes one of the design tenets attributed to Loewy:  “If something was familiar, make it surprising.”  The fairly staid and functional piece, when opened, reveals the original robin’s egg blue interior, with lots of cubbies and drawers for storage and organization.

We also have a pair of 6-drawer Loewy dressers.  All the pieces in this collection feature simple but elegant angled iron legs, with matching iron drawer pulls. The matching telephone bench would make a great foyer or entranceway piece, and features the original fabric on the seat.

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