Modernica Indoor And Outdoor Ceramic Planters

Mid-Century Modern Planters, Ceramic and Fiberglass
Plus a welcome to our new neighbors, and some home improvement project ideas!

Including the “Arroyo” ceramic planters by Modernica:

And the new “Jewel” planter line by Modernica:

And a range of colors and sizes of retro fiberglass planters:

Modernica Ceramic Planters
We have just received a large shipment of ceramic planters from Modernica, including a number of tabletop/desktop sizes, in a variety of colors, shapes, and base options.  As an authorized dealer for Modernica, we can custom order any of their ceramic planters beyond what we have in-store.

We also carry modern fiberglass “bullet” planters in a range of colors and sizes:


The fiberglass bullet planters come in 16 different colors, 3 different heights, and several metal stand finishes.  The prices range from $175 to $210, depending on size and features.  We have several in stock, or can custom order the perfect combination for you.


There is also a smaller, aluminum tabletop version available, for $85. This option makes a great housewarming gift!


Modernica’s iconic Case Study Ceramics line offers hundreds of options.  Choose from various shapes, colors, sizes, and base options to create the perfect planter for your home or office.  We would be glad to walk you through the various options and choices in the store to craft exactly what you want! Plus, we offer a 10% discount on all Modernica planters!


Modernica has recently added two new color options for some of their planters, “Ceramic Mustard” and “Reactive Blue.”


Welcome to Our New Neighbor Businesses
We have two new incoming neighboring businesses coming to our block, expected to open soon!

First, we have Fleurir Chocolates, an artisan chocolate shop that is relocating from south Old Town to just around the corner from Acme, at 110 South Payne Street.  Amazing, delicious, fresh, high-quality chocolates!  Stop in and visit them!

AR Workshop is also relocating to the shop just East of Acme.  Currently at 107 North Fairfax, we believe they will be moving in next door very soon.

Home Project Ideas
If the arrival of Spring has you thinking about home improvement projects, Acme has some products and ideas for your consideration.  How about updating your exterior or interior lighting, with a vintage NuTone wall-mounted architectural cylinder lamp?  These are new old stock, in original boxes:

Certified and bone fide good taste! Pierre has installed one of these in his new Mid-Century Modern house!

Or how about another new old stock item, a retro “Diplomat” mailbox:

We hope to see you this weekend!


Acme is located at 1218 King Street, just a few blocks from King Street Metro Station and about eight blocks from Old Town’s historic Market Square.

Please note our store hours:
Fridays 3pm to 7pm, Saturdays 11am to 6pm, and Sundays 11am to 5pm.

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