Repair, Restoration and Reupholstery

Acme is pleased to offer a full range of furniture repair, restoration, preservation, and reupholstery services.  By combining our in-house capabilities with strategic partnerships with outside experts, Acme can now offer everything from minor furniture maintenance/detailing, to major repair, restoration, and refinishing.

While Acme specializes in mid-century and modern furniture, our repair, restoration and reupholstery services are available for items of any period or style.

   Before:                                                           After:                                             IMG_7603.jpg                     IMG_7609.jpg

Custom Reupholstery:
IMG_7710.jpg    IMG_6087.jpg   IMG_6823.jpg

                   Before:                                                                               After:
IMG_7275.jpg  IMG_7276.jpg                      IMG_7618.jpg